[#Covfefe Break] Facebook Whistleblower, Vaccine Mandates, Pfizer Doctors, and Climate Deniers

October 08, 2021

Keri returns! She begins be relating her experience with COVID and the difficulty she had when researching symptoms. Then, she and Carter call out presumed glowie Frances Haugen’s alleged “whistleblowing” on Facebook, noting how divergent America’s two different political “movies” have become. Keri cites a study showing that conservatives tend to have a better understanding of the left than do leftists of conservatives. After laughing about nose masks, the two explain that in post-convergence YouTube, profit isn’t the company’s first priority.

Next, they discuss the increasing COVID-justified authoritarianism around the world, citing a town in Canada that will require the vaccine for marriage licensees, and Australia’s new Big Brother app, which allows the government to check-in on its subjects at any time, forcing them to respond and prove their identity and location within 5 minutes. This leads to the observation that–when it comes to COVID–China has been behaving in a less authoritarian manner than many Western countries simply because the country already has a “social credit” system and doesn’t need to leverage the virus to roll one out.

After noting that governments around the world admire the CCP’s effectiveness, they turn to YouTube’s recent announcement that “climate change deniers” will now be demonetized. Keri recounts the tale of a mentally dysfunctional Sonic customer, which leads to a discussion about the prevalence of cluster B personality traits in mainstream society and on social media. Carter advocates for agorism as a solution to fight authoritarianism, and Keri gives some advice to employees facing vaccine mandates from employers. After an entreatment to prepare for a societal destabilization, the duo ends the show by emphasizing the need to retain a group of people who understand the principle of individual rights and the ideas that make Western Civilization uniquely moral and successful.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Requirement for proof of Vaccination from a town in Ontario:

Australia’s Big Brother pilot program:

Google announces demonetization for “climate change deniers”:

Religious exemption documents for COVID vaccination:

More vaccine due diligence forms:

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