[#Covfefe Break] Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Southwest Airline Cancellations, and Childhood Obesity

October 11, 2021

After claiming he wanted to avoid an opening rant, Carter opens on this “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” by ranting about the characterization of native Americans vs. European explorers and settlers. Keri then confesses to editing the Wikipedia entry on Christopher Columbus back when she was a social justice warrior. A viewer asks about the Scott Horton vs. Bill Kristol debate, which prompts a discussion about the irrelevancy of neoconservatives. After definitely not talking about vaccine mandates, the two address Southwest Airlines’ massive flight cancellations over the weekend. Then they review a story exposing how school-issued laptops have been used to spy on children, all in the name of saving “just one life.”

Next, they discuss the Cathedral’s misrepresentation of obesity as “healthy,” and review some CDC data on death rates for children. After Keri makes a joke about how ridiculous it would be to outlaw lawnmowers, Carter reveals California’s new law that outlaws gas-powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws. Then Keri shares an analysis from her pastor blaming much of today’s leftist dysfunction on an over abundance self-esteem. Carter disagrees, arguing that what we’re seeing is a lack of true self-esteem, which is being replaced by a cheap secondhand substitute for self-esteem. When Carter brings up a “mama bear” meme shared by the wife of a couple arrested for selling nuclear secrets, Keri explains the existence of the “mama bear” group, and the two speculate on the psychology of women who seek to infantilize the “oppressed.” They end with a brief discussion about school boards labeling outraged parents “domestic terrorists,” and call out the Associated Press for lying in the headline of their “fact check” on the subject.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Scott Horton’s debate with Bill Kristol:

Schools give kids laptops that spy on them “for their own good”:

Children gained weight at an alarming rate:

CNN’s report describing an obese child as”perfectly healthy” victim of COVID:

Look up leading causes of death by age from the CDC here:

Man dies in lawnmower accident:

Where California gets its electricity:

Calvin and Hobbes cartoon:

Mama Bear Gay Pride icon:

NSBA letter to President Biden:

AP’s false headline “fact check” on NSBA letter:

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