[Dangerous Thoughts] What’s So Great About Western Civilization?

October 13, 2021

Carter begins with a brief analysis of a video by Keith Olbermann in which he accuses those who haven’t taken the plunge (so to speak) of being “morons,” “losers,” and ultimately “afraid.” This is apparently the video that escalated a feud between Olbermann and Joe Rogan. Apropos of nothing, Carter then defines the concept ” psychological projection.” Getting into the meat of the show, Carter addresses the question: “What are all the essential values from Western Civilization that ought to be preserved?” Or, more accurately, he addresses how one might go about answering such a question.

A special note about this episode from Carter:
One more point I forgot to add regarding the identification of essential values: After finding differentiators exemplified by your “best example” country (e.g. the United States), you can then select a small group of similar countries (maybe others you considered as potential “best examples”) and repeat the process, asking yourself: “What are some common founding values among this GROUP of countries that are different as compared to all other countries in the world, throughout all of history?” This can be expanded outward with larger groups (centered around your concept of “best”) until you finally get to the other question I mentioned: “what values do all successful cultures share?” Sorry for forgetting to mention that intermediate step.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Olbermann rant:

WHO memo on ivermectin:

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