[#Covfefe Break] Bari Weiss vs. Brian Stelter, Male CEO Transitions, and New Superman Is Bisexual

October 18, 2021

Keri and Carter begin by briefly discussing the supply chain issue that has led to ships parked off the California coast and empty shelves in some stores, before Keri recounts her weekend with Zuby and Mike Harlow. Next they watch Bari Weiss’ interview on CNN with Brian Stelter, noting how Stelter acts as if he doesn’t understand her point. This leads to a discussion of John Stewart’s recent condescending characterization of those who push back against cancel culture, and then they review a bevy of corporate press headlines imploring people to avoid thinking for themselves. After reminding the audience of Casie Jaye’s documented journey from woke feminist to sanity, Keri talks briefly about Fauci’s role during the 1980s AIDS crisis. Carter laughs at MO governor Mike Parson’s boomer accusation that “hackers” stole data that his government literally put in the HTML of an open web page. Finally, they review an article about a former Silicon Valley tech “bro” whose autogynephilia privilege was recently featured in Elle magazine.

Links Referenced in the Show:

A clip from Bari Weiss’ interview on CNN:

John Stewart on cancel culture:

Fauci grants permission to the vaccinated:

Solution to the economy: 100% worldwide vaccination:

CNN on “doing your own research”:

Slate: It’s Time to Give Up on Facts:

Questioning authority has become too much of a good thing:

You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’:

Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole:

Cernovich’s Hoaxed:

MO Governor Mike Parson, boomer:

Superman comes out as bisexual:

Article in Elee: “Corporate Transition”:

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