[#Covfefe Break] Trans & Nonbinary Throuple, St. Fauci & the Dogs; with Kamran Pasha & Libby Emmons

October 25, 2021

Keri hosts today’s Covfefe Break with two guests, screenwriter/director Kamran Pasha and author/editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial Libby Emmons. Carter is out for today, saving Western civilization one person at a time.

Keri and Kamran start out with a discussion of secession, the book Texit, and state authority over the federal behemoth. They chat about gender identity, gender dysphoria, “transtrender” people, and how de-transitioning people are treated as traitors by the woke. Kamran points out that the woke are reprogramming people and viewing them as insects–using psychology of insects with a queen bee, workers and soldiers. Next up is Fauci and the NIH puppy torture experiments, discussing the conundrum Fauci-hero-worshipers are in with this coming out. They ponder how Fauci came to be viewed as a saint by the media, starting back in his AIDS drug-pushing days, and how the idolatry violates both Islam and Christianity.

Libby joins halfway through the episode, telling the story of her being canceled by non-binary lesbians, and then discusses trans-humanism (mind-body split). The three chat about snow roaches, drug mandates for children, how normies are unaware of any problem with the shots, and the phenomena of people who consider all is well when their team gets into the White House. The show closes with a chat about people enjoying being part of the authoritarianism ideology, as long as they get to exercise a little bit of power, and Kamran’s prediction that the future is religion.

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