[#Covfefe Break] Zuckerberg and the Metaverse, Halloween Frivolity; with Chrissie Mayr & Mike Harlow

October 29, 2021

Keri and Tiger host from the car in a failed attempt to find a good Internet connection on the road. Carter remains out on leave. Guests Chrissie Mayr and Mike Harlow join, starting with their horror of Mark Zuckerburg and his Metaverse promotion, and the class where 99 of 100 students said they prefer to live in Nozick’s Experience Machine for the rest of their life rather than reality. Next, they chat about the updated SyFy horror show character, Chucky, and Mikey reports on the ridiculous woke all-gay cast. Chrissie considers a comedy club’s idea of an all no-Coof-jab show after the owner found out lots of people reject the concept of jab-only shows now common in NYC. Chrissie declines to represent the lone un-jabbed comedian for the event, instead proposing allowing whoever wants to go the the show to attend.

They discuss Governor Cuomo being taken down by sexual harassment allegations, perhaps to avoid any need to take him down by his Coof nursing home actions. Then they point out the possibility of Fauci being fired over the puppy torture scandal, for the same reason–the Cathedral must avoid taking him down for his role in worldwide illness, as that requires admitting the government actions were a problem. Keri brings up Biden’s proposal to use tax money to pay illegal immigrants for their “psychological damage” due to Trump’s “family separation.” They wonder why there is no provision in the proposal for the psychological damage to American citizens for 18 months of Coof restrictions.

About halfway through, Keri drops out of the show due to technical issues. Chrissie and Mikey have a frivolous chat, and Beverly joins in for the show closeout.

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