[#Covfefe Break] Metaverse, Texas Secession, and Fake White Supr*macists

November 01, 2021

Carter returns to join Keri for a #Covfefe Break discussion that ranges from science fiction to secession. They begin by discussing Margaret Atwood’s shameful attack on JK Rowling in an attempt to deflect from accusations that she’s a TERF herself. Then Carter rants about raising children and seeing people as assets rather than liabilities. Next, he hypothesizes about how Astrology, though farcical, may have roots in empirical observation. Afterward, they discuss Zuckerberg’s video introducing Facebook’s rebranding as “Meta,” and Carter pushes back against luddite reactions to technology while advising caution regarding its use. Keri then astonishes Carter by sharing a Biden proposal to grant $450k to each family of illegal immigrants for “psychological damage.”

The Virginia election is next on the docket, and Keri reveals the blundering attempt by incumbent Terry McAuliffe to link Republican candidate Youngkin to some tiki torch-wielding Democrat plants. After reflecting on the media’s continued obsession with Trump, they note Juan Williams’ assertion that “parents’ rights” is code for “white race politics.” This leads to a discussion about the futility of arguing with the truly woke, and the necessity for a national divorce.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Zuckerberg’s Metaverse video (short):

Full Facebook Metaverse video:

Tiki torch Democrats:

Juan Williams’ secret code:

Tristan Snell on MAGA:

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