[#Covfefe Break] Guy Fawkes Day, Kyle Rittenhouse, & Alec Baldwin; Sal the Agorist & Daniel Wagner

November 05, 2021

Carter celebrates the 5th of November with guests Sal the Agorist and Daniel Wagner. Carter begins by recounting the origin story for Guy Fawkes Day and how it rose to public consciousness in America. Next, they discuss Biden’s plan to mandate vaccination for employees of companies with as few as 100 employees. Carter reads some quotations from The Myth of the Rule of Law by John Hasnas, and Sal pushes back on the notion that politics is downstream from culture. The three then discuss the difference between chaos and anarchy and the difference between governance and government.

After some disagreement about corporations and what they’d look like without government charters, Sal celebrates NFTs and a “tokenbrian explosion” in crypto before diving into what he means by “agorism.” They address the age-old question of “what about the roads?” before turning to the Rittenhouse trial. The three disagree on Rittenhouse’s culpability, but this leads to a broader consideration of firearms and mass shootings. Finally, they turn to peaceful parenting and the immorality and impracticality of hitting children as punishment.

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