[#Covfefe Break] Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, Based Elon Musk, and Minor Attracted People

November 15, 2021

Keri and Carter begin with a reminder that the prosecution in the Rittenhouse case is the state of Wisconsin itself, not some fringe leftists from Twitter. This inspires Keri to share a New York Times article characterizing Republicans as ushering “menace” into the mainstream, which the two proceed to analyze. Next, Keri laments the gentrification of Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas, and relays a story of how she trolled a woke shop there that featured an AOC shrine and other cultist propaganda.

Carter notes that Elon Musk has been slowly red-pilling and asks Keri about her soft spot for Bernie Sanders. Then they enjoy a good laugh at Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s “ugly Christmas mask” before delving into a sobering discussion about the term “minor attracted person.” This leads to a discussion about mandated lockdowns, the redefinition of “anti-vax,” and the use of fear to traumatize children with COVID-19. Finally, Carter reminds people that they can’t sit this culture war out, and that reverting to the philosophy of 1776 is not an effective or moral way forward.

Links Referenced in the Show:

New York Times article on Republican menace:

Hippies: 1971 vs 2021:

Elon Musk on Bernie Sanders:

Governor Kate Brown’s Christmas Mmsk:

Assitant Professor at Old Dominion University on “MAP”:

Same Professor giving a talk at John Jay College of Criminal Justice:

Moms celebrating COVID jab with 6-year-old:

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