[#Covfefe Break] Waukesha Driver Kills 5; Thanksgiving “Genocide and Violence”

November 22, 2021

Carter and Keri begin by discussing the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre over the weekend, noting the vile reactions by many leftists in the wake of the Rittenhouse verdict. This prompts Carter to remind people what unites the modern left–not a shared vision of utopia, but a shared vision of destruction. Then Keri proposes reversing the fight to remove Civil War-era Texas statues by proposing the construction of new statues honoring historically “triggering” figures. They briefly laugh about the recent rise of people with “Dissociative Identity Disorder” before diving into a Thanksgiving-themed discussion. Carter shares his “problematic” gratitude list, and several Unsafe Space team members join the show to discuss what they are thankful for this year.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Waukesha parade massacre:

MSNBC’s Gyasi Ross on Thanksgiving:

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