[#Covfefe Break] Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Steps Down, Omicron Variant, and Epstein’s Dead Man’s Switch

November 29, 2021

Carter and Keri begin with a discussion of Christmas / “Capitalism Day,” and Keri discusses how she participated in the war on Christmas when she was an SJW. Next, they mock the “omicron” variant just a bit, and get into a brief discussion about the uniqueness of Americans’ distrust of their government. Prompted by Keri, Carter rants a bit about pragmatism, and then they call out Wikipedia for its intention to throw communism’s horrific death count down the memory hole. A superchatter asks about the difference between investigative journalism and conspiracy theories, and then Carter reads some disturbingly woke quotes from Twitter’s new CEO, Parag Agrawal. This prompts him to explain how many big tech firms like Twitter use certain words–harm, safety, healthy–as linguistic variables that can mean whatever is needed to advance the leftist political agenda. The duo then turns to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, and Keri reveals her belief that Epstein is still alive. This leads to a discussion of a 1st grade teacher, “Professor Nalo,” who has been bragging on Twitter about how her students ask her about her “queerness. They note that the leftist ideal of making children wards-of-the-state requires a blurring of boundaries between government agents (teachers) and family members. Finally, they close the show with some frivolity as Keri recounts a strange encounter at an antique shop in Texas.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Wikipedia’s soon-to-be-deleted “Mass killings under communist regimes” page:

The cellular repair regime Keri recommended:

“Professor” Nalo’s Twitter thread:

Yay! No white children in Nalo’s class:

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