[#Covfefe Break] Twitter Bans, Astroworld Incident, and Seth Rogen; with Drunk 3PO and Mike Harlow

December 03, 2021

Carter and Keri are joined by special guests Drunk 3PO (Jay) and Mike Harlow, both of whom have experienced bizarre Twitter bans. The group then discusses the societal impact of social media, both good and bad. They comment on Seth Rogen’s tone deaf elitism, and how the woke agenda has degraded the acting roles available to women leads. Drunk 3PO talks about reviewing amusement parks and his friendship with Gina Carano, which leads to a discussion about how it’s difficult to truly appreciate America without traveling abroad. Carter gets into a debate with the guests about whether technology like the metaverse can be “bad,” or if it is neutral and people misuse it. The gang briefly touches on the Mississippi abortion case before SCOTUS, and Keri concludes the show by leading the guests into sharing what they’re hopeful about in the future.

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Links Referenced in the Show:

Seth Rogen promotes Santa Inc. on Twitter:

Rotten Tomatoes ratings of recent leftist propaganda films:

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