[Dangerous Thoughts] Floating Abstractions

December 08, 2021

Carter discusses his recent encounters with people using “floating abstractions,” which are vaguely-held pseudo-concepts untethered to reality. He introduces the concept using the word “ownership” as an example, linking it to a recent story about the civil asset forfeiture of more that $100,000 at Dallas Love Field Airport. Next, he talks about the difference between “killing” and “murder” in relation to the story of Johnny Hurley, the Colorado ancap who saved the lives of many people (including police officers) thanks to his quick and deadly response to an active shooter, only to be killed by responding police officers. Other common floating abstractions Carter discusses include, “normalize,” “extremist,” and “education.” He ends with a brief discussion of how the words “good” and “bad” are often used in vague, unclear, and even invalid ways, observing that mathematics is not a substitute for ethics.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Dallas civil asset forfeiture story:

Bret Weinstein’s “right and wrong” tweet:

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Hosted by Carter, “Dangerous Thoughts” is a series dedicated to practical and applied philosophy, as well as deeper dives into other crucial but complex topics. Its goal is to help rational individuals become more dangerous to the intellectual and psychological enemies of the principles upon which Western Civilization was built and has thrived.

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