[#Covfefe Break] A Very Merry Covfefe Break | With Josh Slocum & Little Ragamuffin

December 17, 2021

For the final #Covfefe Break of the year, Carter and Keri are joined by problematic seamstress “Lil’ Ragamuffin” and Disaffected Podcast host Josh Slocum. After clarifying a point about enabling toxic people from Monday’s episode, they jump into a bit of frivolity before talking about Twitter rules, increasing authoritarian directives from government officials, Biden’s ominous winter predictions, and America’s delusional self-image. Carter points out that people who paid attention to the importance of ideas and principles predicted this outcome decades ago, and shares a fun book from 1995 called, “Politically Correct Holiday Stories.”

Next, they discuss the concept of private property, transgender ball waxing, and the upcoming crop of psychologically damaged children. Josh drops several psychological insights, and the conversation turns to differences between men and women and the need for men to have private spaces. Keri admits to some college experimentation, and the men in chat demands receipts. The group ends by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Biden predicts death and illness this winter:

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