[#Covfefe Break] Dr. Malone, Mass Formation Psychosis, Betty White, Joe Rogan, and GETTR

January 03, 2022

Keri and Carter return for the first episode of 2022. They kick things off by mocking jeremiads from content creators on CNN claiming to have suffered from PTSD as a result of the January 6th 2021 riot at the Capitol. Next, they discuss the concept of mass formation psychosis, which was recently popularized as a means of explaining the zombie-like behavior of the Branch Covidians, recounting Dr. Mattias Desmet’s distinction between traditional dictatorships and totalitarians. They touch on Twitter’s unscrupulous banning of both renowned virologist Dr. Robert Malone, as well as that of representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, noting the wave of people fleeing to new platforms such at Gettr. After exposing the corporate press’ disingenuous concern over polarization in America, they take a moment to differentiate between charity and government redistribution. Finally, they discuss the distinction between having heroes and having idols, the latter being an inevitably disastrous choice compared to the former.

Links Referenced in the Show:

CNN cries about January 6th:

Democrats want to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene (RawStory article):

Democrats want to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene (Salon article):

Texas can’t “legally” secede, claims an NPC:

Joe Rogan is much bigger than the corporate press:

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