[Dangerous Thoughts] The Glee Hypothesis

January 05, 2022

Carter defines the trending term “limited hangout” before explaining why one should never bother to argue with David Hogg. Next, he addresses the avant-garde hypothesis that the show “Glee” and its fandom wars on Tumblr are responsible for introducing woke ideology and nomenclature into the mainstream. Finally, he warns against the temptation to engage in political “system building” without first doing one’s philosophical homework, arguing that doing so is both futile and perilous.

Oh, and here’s that Socrates quote Carter said he’d find–the one that reminds him of the idea that words are “magic” to sophists:

It’s in Gorgias, and Gorgias has just told Socrates that people listen to “orators” over experts, even though orators have no specialized knowledge about the subject of their speech. Socrates replies:

“Yes, Gorgias, my amazement at that led me long ago to ask what it is that oratory can accomplish. For as I look at it, it seems to me to be something supernatural in scope.”

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Glee and the woke epidemic:

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