[#Covfefe Break] Remembering January 6th | With Adam Coleman, Nina Infinity, and Daniel Wagner

January 07, 2022

Carter and Keri are joined by guests Daniel Wagner, Adam Coleman, and Nina Infinity. Nina opens with some uplifting stories before Daniel dives into recounting his first-hand experiences on the ground at the January 6th protest. A discussion ensues about the different goals of the attendees, and Adam cites the suspicious behavior of law enforcement in preparing for the protest, questioning the official narrative. Carter argues that the entire operation was likely instigated–intentionally–by the national security apparatus, citing Stewart Rhodes, Ray Epps, and other unindicted co-conspirators. Daniel asserts that we shouldn’t have to care what’s happening in Washington, DC, and that local concerns are more immediately relevant to our lives.

Next, Nina observes the disturbing trend to normalize pedophilia. The group agrees, and then discusses the counterproductive nature of modern education. Carter and Nina disagree about the use of the word “extreme,” but table the discussion for a later date. Finally, Keri updates the group on the SCOTUS case regarding OSHA vaccine mandates and discusses the danger of weaponized empathy.

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