[#Covfefe Break] SCOTUS Rejects OSHA Mandate | With Comix Division & Jon Del Arroz

January 14, 2022

Carter and Keri are joined by special guests Jon Del Arroz and Ian K (Comix Division), and begin with a brief discussion of Jon’s battle with censorship in the comic book community. Next, Keri shares commentary from a narcissistic doctor on Twitter and then plays two videos for the group, challenging them to distinguish between the real and the parody. Then they turn to yesterday’s decision by SCOTUS which strikes down OSHA’s vaccine mandate (with some exceptions), and a community member in chat breaks the news that regular Unsafe Space guest Clifton Duncan was banned from Twitter. Robert Reich’s call for “collective freedom” is then dissected by the group, and the episode ends with a discussion of rights and a refutation of the “right to vote.”

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on his YouTube channel

Links Referenced in the Show:

Dr. Emily Porter:

Experience Aboriginal-English firsthand:

Parody COVID rap:

An open letter to Spotify bitching about Joe Rogan:

SCOTUS rules on OSHA:

Robert Reich can tweet, but thinking is hard:

Women don’t care about free speech:

Recent Dangerous Thoughts debunking the right to vote:

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