[Dangerous Thoughts] The Rot Within Big Tech

January 19, 2022

Carter begins with a story about Hollins University, a historically women-only institution under pressure from the woke left to accept an infinite number of leftist performative neo-genders, so long as it continues to exclude “cis-gendered” males. All in the name of “inclusion,” of course. This prompts him to discuss the unifying ideological attributes of modern leftist factions, citing a widespread alliance to destroy Western Civilization and anything imagined to represent it symbolically. Next, he reads a gripping thread from an anonymous insider at Big Tech–one that has since been scrubbed from the internet (including the Internet Archive), and whose author has since deleted his Twitter account. It’s a chilling look at the trail of decay and detritus left at companies ravaged by social justice convergence. Finally, he answers a question from show producer Beverly regarding the argument that “breathing on” people is a form of assault in the age of COVID-19.

Links Referenced in the Show:

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NPR story about Hollins:

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