[#Covfefe Break] Sub Teacher Allegedly Fired for Not Meowing, Bidenflation, and Government Overreach

January 24, 2022

Keri and Carter begin with a discussion of “West Elm Caleb” and hook-up culture before reviewing a TikTok video of a substitute teacher who was allegedly failing to “meow” at a student who identified as a cat. Next, they read a bizarre editorial in The San Francisco Chronicle about “swapping children” for “equity,” comparing it to the Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC video about “community” ownership of children. Then they observe the obdurate respond of public school teachers when parents request access to classroom curriculum. Finally, they discuss how the current situation in Ukraine has re-activated simps for the deep state war machine.

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Links Referenced in the Show:

TikTok video of alleged substitute teacher:

SF Chronicle editorial (satire) on swapping children in the name of equity:

Melissa Harris-Perry on community ownership of children:

NBC tweet about curriculum transparency:

NBC article on curriculum transparency:

Lancet article on the end of the COVID-19 pandemic:

The shelves are 89% full:

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