[#Covfefe Break] Canadian Trucker Convoy, Canada Vaccine Mandates, and Police Enforcing COVID Rules

January 31, 2022

Keri begins by explaining that many people parroting woke ideology are secretly tired of it, and she relays a story about using humor to prompt them to drop the facade. Then she and Carter discuss the Freedom Convoy of truckers in Canada, and the dishonest representation of the event by both the media and politicians like Justin Trudeau. This precipitates a conversation about Quebec’s mandate that requires unvaccinated individuals to be escorted around stores in order to ensure that they don’t buy non-essential items.

Next, they observe the generalize failure of the vast majority of the mainstream to understand basic terminology, as well as the Cathedral’s habit of co-opting and misusing language that is effective against them. They contrast how Bernie Sanders portrays himself financially as opposed to Donald Trump, and the fallacy of “sunk cost” applied in the context of moral action. Finally, they discuss “standing armies” and the fact that unconstitutional laws are only effective thanks to police who enforce them.

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Links Referenced in the Show:

Canadian truckers have four years worth of money:

Trudeau’s anti-trucker speech part 1:

Trudeau’s anti-trucker speech part 2:

MSNBC calls the trucker convoy a cult:

Quebec’s draconian decree:

Karens on an elevator:

NYPD funeral:

Border patrol agents push back:

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