[Dangerous Thoughts] Bedazzled Tribalism

February 09, 2022

Carter begins with a sobering discussion of a viral video from a Las Vegas area high school that depicts the brutal beating of one female student by another, while classmates look on passively. He briefly touches on alleged blacklisting of parents by administrators at the Lovett School near Atlanta, GA, before taking a moment to laugh about Hollywood’s pathetic praise of its own mediocrity. Next, he reads a recent editorial in The Globe and Mail about how the truck convoy has “weaponized freedom,” and then he interviews two organizers of the Convoy to Save America: Daniel Wagner and Pennie Fay. The show ends with a critique of the Biden administration’s performative outrage over a Florida parental rights bill dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by dishonest leftists.

To support the Convoy to Save America, visit:


To communicate with the convoy on Zello:

Find Daniel online:
Twitter: @UnframeOfMind

Find Pennie online:
Twitter: @pennie_fay
Rumble: rumble.com/user/PennieFay
JoshWhoTV: joshwhotv.com/channel/PennieFay
Facebook: facebook.com/pennie.fay.5
Telegram: t.me/PennieFay

Links Referenced in the Show:

Vegas area high school beating (content warning):

An article about Adverse Childhood Experience scores:

Alleged parental blacklist from the Lovett School:

The Lovett School’s denial of the blacklist:

Award nominations for Don’t Look Up:

Op-ed on “Weaponized freedom” (paywall):

Biden cares about the mental health of children:

Florida bill:

The Genderbread Person:

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