[Dangerous Thoughts] All Your Truck Are Belong to Us

February 16, 2022

Carter untangles the moral issues surrounding the “right to protest” or “occupy” spaces in light of the Canadian Trucker’s ongoing Freedom Convoy. Then he takes a moment to laugh at Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s failed Instagram stream before diving into Justin Trudeau’s invocation of Canada’s Emergencies Act. The show ends with a hopeful story about a recent political victory for Shasta County, California’s, freedom movement.

NOTE: The YouTube version of this episode has a ~40 second portion missing due to a copyright claim from NBC Universal over a parody video.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Previous episode about the defining characteristics of Western Culture:

Medium article about Western culture in wake of the Christchurch shooting:

Yaron Brook quotes Ayn Rand in a tweet against the truckers:

Carter’s 20-year-old article, Demystifying Democracy:

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu streams on Instagram:

Is this Justin Trudeau? Portlandia parody:

Trudeau invokes Emergencies Act:

Ewa Krajewska’s legal analysis of the invocation of the Emergencies Act:

Shasta County’s recall election:

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