[Dangerous Thoughts] Dichotomous Thinking Dystopia

March 02, 2022

Carter beings with an unusual move: he reads the story of the “good Samaritan” from the Bible, which he uses to explain that there is no such thing as collective morality and that only individuals can act morally (or not). He welcomes supporters of Ukraine to take up arms and go fight if they’d like. Next, he reminds us all of how narrowly the human race has escaped nuclear obliteration in history and suggests that perhaps picking a war with a man in control of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal isn’t the smartest idea. He pauses for a moment to laugh at the woke version of PTSD: “phantom honking,” as well as to take a look at the hypocritical contrast between how ordinary Canadians and ordinary Russians have been treated. Next, he discusses the disturbing ubiquitousness of dichotomous thinking and its relation to Borderline Personality Disorder. Finally, he looks for insight into the question “how close are we to Skynet?” by playing a game with the Unsafe Space chat community: spot the AI-synthesized face. The results are chilling.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Is Zelenky Ukraine’s George Washington?

Clint Watts flirts with NATO bombing Russian troops:

Atlantic article on responding to Putin’s nuclear provocation:

Is Putin Delusional?

Is Putin Crazy?

NBC News correspondent flirts with WWIII:

9 times the world was at the brink of nuclear war:

In the event of nuclear war, don’t forget to practice social distancing:

Phantom honking is the new PTSD:

Apple pay unavailable in Russia:

Lines at the Moscow metro:

Western sanctions against Russia:

Relations between dichotomous thinking and personality disorders:

Social cognition in borderline personality disorder:

AI-synthesized faces have crossed the uncanny valley:

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