[Narrative Dissonance] WW3 and Eminent Domain | With L (SomeBitchIKnow) & Christian Watson

March 14, 2022

For this inaugural episode of Narrative Dissonance, Carter is joined by panelists L (a.k.a. SomeBitchIKnow) and Christian Watson. Each panelist comes prepared to answer two questions:

1. What is the most important story about which mainstream media has misled people in the past week?
2. What news story should we be paying attention to that isn’t being noticed?

In this episode, the ensuing discussion ranges from a counter-narrative to the World War III hysteria, to the importance of thinking for yourself, to the problem of experts, to the near ubiquity of propaganda, and finally to disturbing new developments in eminent domain law.

Find L online:

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Twitter: @OfficialCWATSON

Links Referenced in the Show:

NYT article on DuckDuckGo:

AI-based product placement:

YouTubeInsider tweet thread on Ukraine guidelines:


About Narrative Dissonance

“Narrative Dissonance” is a weekly series dedicated to shattering the narrative of the mainstream press. Each week, a team of panelists from alternative media sources unravel the latest misleading mainstream narratives and explore relevant stories that journalists in the corporate press ought to be covering, but aren’t.

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