[Narrative Dissonance] Trudeau’s Genocide | With Barbara Kay & Chase Matheson

April 04, 2022

Carter is joined by special guests Barbara Kay and Chase Matheson. They discuss the Pope’s apology to the indigenous population of Canada for alleged atrocities committed by residential schools. Barbara observers that not only is there a lack real evidence of such atrocities, but there is even counter evidence, and the three examine the motivation and ideology behind the vilification of Westerners. Next, they discuss the crisis in Ukraine. Chase questions the validity of all information related to the conflict, and Barbara emphasizes Putin’s expansionist agenda. They all agree that the Ukrainian people are suffering unjustly and move on to the topic of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the left-leaning media’s willing suppression of inconvenient stories. Barbara offers a ray of hope by citing the rise of Substack and independent journalism. Chase rounds out the episode with the story of Tommy Robinson’s recent detainment in–and deportation from– Mexico.

Chase Matheson
Chase worked in the Aerospace Industry until he was abruptly fired for organizing the wrong-thinking OpenTennessee Rally in April 2020. But he refused to stand silent while so many of his fellow patriots were being censored, silenced, and bullied into keeping their political opinions to themselves. He went on to found the Patriot Punk Network and has spent the last two years uncovering stories that the mainstream press ignores or misrepresents.

Follow Chase on Twitter at: @RealPatriotPunk
And find him online at: patriotpunknetwork.com

Barbara Kay
Since 2003, Barbara has been a weekly columnist for the National Post, and previously a weekly columnist for The Post Millennial. Since September 2019, she’s also been a monthly columnist for the Epoch Times newspaper. Barbara is the author or co-author of four books: a biography, a cultural memoir, a murder mystery, and most recently, a collaboration with Linda Blade on the destructive effect of trans activism on Canadian and international sport.

Follow Barbara on Twitter at: @BarbaraRKay
And find her book, Unsporting, at unsporting.com

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Barbara’s recent book, Unsporting, co-authored by Linda Blade:

About Narrative Dissonance

“Narrative Dissonance” is a weekly series dedicated to shattering the narrative of the mainstream press. Each week, a team of panelists from alternative media sources unravel the latest misleading mainstream narratives and explore relevant stories that journalists in the corporate press ought to be covering, but aren’t.

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