[Dangerous Thoughts] Is Elon Musk a White Pill?

April 06, 2022

Carter reveals an inside exclusive look at a Bay Area middle school sex education class, using it as an opportunity to explore how presentation style and teaching methods impact unsuspecting children. Next, he reports on President Biden’s recent “Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets,” and then turns to ask the question: “Is Elon Musk a white pill?” He ends the episode with an update on AI-generated faces and how they’ve been used on LinkedIn to create fake profiles.

Each episode segment can be found at the approximate timestamps below:

Segment 1: An inside look and analysis of Well Beyond Academics’ P.R.E.P. sexual education program
Begins at 3:18, with analysis broken into 4 parts:
Privacy is passé: 19:05
Spreading of psychological contagion: 27:48
Statistical equity: 34:59
Sexual activity is appropriate for you: 52:26

Segment 2: Biden’s Executive Order on crypto
Begins at 56:25

Segment 3: Is Elon Musk a white pill?
Begins at 1:04:47

Segment 4: Learn to spot AI-generated faces
Begins at 1:21:22

Links Referenced in the Show:

Chris Rufo calls out CNN:

Well Beyond Academics:

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL):

National Center for Victims of Crime stats on child sexual abuse:

BBFC report: Young People, Pornography, & Age Verification:

Biden’s Executive Order on crypto:

Elon’s tweets about Twitter:

Mother Jones is angry about Elon:

Elon speaks about population collapse

Pew Research Center report on global population:

Why Population Aging Matters: A Global Perspective:

The Simon Abundance Index:

NPR story on AI-generated LinkedIn profiles:

About Dangerous Thoughts

Hosted by Carter, “Dangerous Thoughts” is a series dedicated to practical and applied philosophy, as well as deeper dives into other crucial but complex topics. Its goal is to help rational individuals become more dangerous to the intellectual and psychological enemies of the principles upon which Western Civilization was built and has thrived.

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