[Narrative Dissonance] A Color Revolution Is Coming to America | Joey A. Camp & Juliet TruthSeeker

April 11, 2022

This week’s panelists are Joseph A. Campbell and Juliet TruthSeeker. They discuss the mainstream media’s curious outrage over the right’s use of the word, “groomer,” and then explore the dishonesty of federal law enforcement in its handling of January 6th cases and the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot (a.k.a. entrapment operation). Next, they wonder about U.S. involvement in the “no confidence” vote against Pakistan’s Imran Khan, and contemplate the impact of Justin Trudeau’s policies on trade between the United States and Canada. They end the show by exploring a topic suggested by a viewer in chat: recent archeological findings from tombs near the Step Pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt.

Joeseph A. Camp is the founder, owner, and face of YourDaddyJoey, which is a user-generated social media / news reporting / research providing organization for those who are curious and concerned about Far-Left influence in the United States.

Find him on Gab at: @JoeyCamp2020
And on the web: joey.camp

You may know Juliet her from her work on Gab, where she exposes what Yuri Bezmenov called “ideological subversion” in the West. Or you may know her from frequent appearances on the Independence Gang podcast and here on Narrative Dissonance.

Find her on Gab at: @TruthSeeker8487

Links Referenced in the Show:

Jury finds 2 men not guilty in Whitmer kidnap case:

5 takeaways from the Whitmer kidnap plot trial:

Recent archeological discoveries in Egypt:

About Narrative Dissonance

“Narrative Dissonance” is a weekly series dedicated to shattering the narrative of the mainstream press. Each week, a team of panelists from alternative media sources unravel the latest misleading mainstream narratives and explore relevant stories that journalists in the corporate press ought to be covering, but aren’t.

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