[Free Association] The Bid for Twitter | With Michael Tedesco

April 22, 2022

Carter chats with technology M&A expert Michael Tedesco about Elon’s Musk’s bid to buy Twitter. What are the obligations of Twitter’s board? What are Elon’s options? What’s likely to happen next? This episode is your opportunity to hear from an expert.

Michael Tedesco is one of the top Technology dealmakers of his generation, with 23 years experience advising CEOs and boards of companies at all stages of their lifecycle. Based in Silicon Valley since 2001, he has advised on 100+ completed M&A and financing transactions with aggregate value in excess of $100B. This includes many of the highest profile, transformative transactions in Technology such as the Peoplesoft takeover defense and subsequent sale to Oracle; EDS sale to HP; IBM’s acquisitions of Cognos & PWC Consulting; and the HP/Compaq merger. Such advisory roles were recognized five times for the Investor Dealers Digest Technology Deal of the Year.

Find him on Twitter at: @WellspringGP
And at Momentum Cyber at MomentumCyber.com

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