[Token Minority Report] D&D and OSR | With RPGPundit

April 29, 2022

Beverly is joined by special guest, Kasimir Urbanski, a.k.a., the RPGPundit. Together, they talk about old school renaissance (OSR) RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons, settings of RPG campaigns, game mastering versus playing, and wokeness in the RPG community (like Wizards of the Coast’s woke agenda affecting 5th edition).

Find RPGPundit online:
Twitter: @KasimirUrbanski
YouTube: youtube.com/c/KasimirUrbanskiRPGPundit
Mewe: mewe.com/i/kasimirurbanski
Minds: minds.com/RPGPundit
Web: therpgsite.com

Links Referenced in the Show:

Lion & Dragon, Medieval Authentic OSR Roleplaying:

Arrows of Indra in PDF:

Arrows of Indra in print:

The Invisible College: Occult Modern Conspiracy OSR in print & PDF:

The Invisible College: Occult Modern Conspiracy OSR in print on Amazon:

World Of The Last Sun! Weird Fantasy Gonzo OSR setting:

Star Adventurer: Space Opera OSR:

Dark Albion: Medieval Authentic War of the Roses Campaign on Lulu:

Dark Albion: Medieval Authentic War of the Roses Campaign on Amazon:

Dark Albion: Medieval Authentic War of the Roses Campaign on Drivethru:

Cults of Chaos! Design villainous cults for your game:

The Medieval-authentic Old School Companion:

The Old School Companion 2: Medieval Authentic Adventures:

The RPGPundit Presents PDF Series:

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