[Narrative Dissonance] Education Industrial Complex | With L (SomeBitchIKnow) & Juliet TruthSeeker

May 09, 2022

Carter chats with Juliet Truthseeker and L (SomeBitchIKnow), who begins by revealing that immediately before the show, she and her server were banned from Discord. Juliet then shares a video from January 6th that depicts a mysterious man wearing an earpiece physically forcing people into the Capitol building. L discusses some of the odd propaganda coming out of Ukraine, and cites Bono’s involvement as a tell tale sign of globalist agenda.

Next, they discuss the New York Time’s admission that children who studied remotely during the pandemic suffered a 50% decrease in math performance, which leads to a general discussion of the NYT’s complicity in destructive narratives dating back all the way to the era of Walter Duranty. Juliet turns the group’s attention to California’s “clean energy” regulations and their detrimental effects on ordinary citizens, and then a discussion of the education system ensues. L shares an article about pushback against homeschooling in Kentucky, and directs people to California’s new “Cradle-to-Career” System. This leads to an exploration of student loans, the value of college in general, the government’s role in creating the current problems, and even the allure of military service as means to fund higher education.

Find L online:
Gab: @SomeBitchIKnow
Web: somebitchtoldme.com

Find Juliet online:
Gab: @TruthSeeker8487

Links Referenced in the Show:

January 6th video by EpochJoe:

Global Citizen:

HSLDA article about officials in Kentucky visiting homeschoolers:

California’s “Cradle-to-Career” System:

L’s article about Common Core and Bill Gates:

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