[Dangerous Thoughts] Yes, It’s Grooming

May 11, 2022

Carter shares his anger over discovering California’s perverted health care laws that exclude parents from involvement in the care of their own children. Next, he dismantles an NPR story designed to defend leftist groomers and mischaracterize criticism against them. Then he shares the findings from a recent paper in the Journal of Experimental Psychology that reveals that taking a neutral position on contentious issues in an effort to appease others actually backfires. He reviews a recent article exposing the large number of former spooks and NATO operatives employed by TikTok, and ends the show with a defense of technology and pushback against blanket anti-transhumanism.

Links Referenced in the Show:

California’s minor consent and confidentiality laws regarding health care:

NPR groomer apology article:

“When and Why ‘Staying out of It’ Backfires in Moral and Political Disagreements” cheat sheet:

“When and Why ‘Staying out of It’ Backfires in Moral and Political Disagreements” full paper:

Keith Olbermann belittles a mom for homeschooling:

The NATO to TikTok Pipeline:

Elon Musk and the Transhuman Wing of Conservative, Inc.:

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