[Dangerous Thoughts] The Buffalo Shooter’s Manifesto

May 18, 2022

Before diving into the heavier but necessary topic of analyzing the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto, Carter discusses the implosion of USDTerra (and its sister token, Luna) in the crypto market, wondering whether the crash was an intentional move by banking industry insiders in an attempt to gain legitimacy.

Next, he discusses three cases of “medical authoritarianism”:
1) Biden’s proposed expansion of WHO power;
2) California’s bill to silence and punish dissenting doctors (AB2098); and
3) the recent revelation that Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act in response to the 2022 Freedom Convoy was not requested by law enforcement after all, contrary to Trudeau’s claims at the time.

Finally, Carter spends most of the episode discussing the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto and how it relates to that of the Christchurch shooter, separating legitimate claims and concerns from philosophical errors and collectivist vitriol, and addressing some uncomfortable but important subjects.

Links Referenced in the Show:

NASDAQ pushing Luna:

Motley Fool pushing Luna:

Surprise, surprise: Janet Yellen thinks stablecoins should be regulated:

America’s Frontline Doctors on the proposed “WHO Pandemic Treaty”:

California AB 2098:

Physicians for Informed Consent letter to CA legislators:

Oops, the RCMP didn’t ask Trudeau for emergency powers after all:
https://torontosun.com/news/national/ottawa-interim-police-c hief-steve-bell-didnt-ask-feds-to-invoke-emergencies-act

MSNBC guest calls GOP the “domestic terrorism party”:

Brookings Institute demographic prediction:

2018 FBI homicide statistics:

Human Diversity by Charles Murray:

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