[Narrative Dissonance] These “United” States

June 27, 2022

Carter chats with panelists Sunny Lohmann and L (SomeBitchIKnow) about the flurry of Supreme Court rulings recently released, the logic behind them, and what they mean for American culture. They end with a review of Nancy Pelosi’s infamous elbow shove, some paranoia about the Large Hadron Collider, and contemplation of mysterious deaths at a nightclub in South Africa.

Sunny is the host of The House of Sunny podcast and a political satirist who was a regular contributor to PJ Media and whose popular videos can now be seen on her YouTube channel, House of Sunny.

Follow her online:
Twitter: @sunnylohmann
Facebook: houseofsunny.tv
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HouseofSunny
Instagram: @sunnylohmann

L, .a.k.a. SomeBitchIKnow. is the relentless researcher behind SomeBitchMedia and the personification of its tagline: ”Cite your sources or GTFO.” She’s helped explode mainstream narratives around the COOF, The 2020 Election, Jeffrey Epstein, and other issues.

Follow her online:
Gab: SomeBitchIKnow
Web: SomeBitchToldMe.com

Links Referenced in the Show:

Supreme Court Ruling: NY gun laws:

Supreme Court Ruling: Dobbs (abortion):

Supreme Court Ruling: School choice:

Supreme Court Ruling: Prayer at football games:

Cigarette prices by state:

The Pelosi elbow:

Pelosi’s elbow is for the greater good:

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider:

Mysterious deaths in South Africa:

About Narrative Dissonance

“Narrative Dissonance” is a weekly series dedicated to shattering the narrative of the mainstream press. Each week, a team of panelists from alternative media sources unravel the latest misleading mainstream narratives and explore relevant stories that journalists in the corporate press ought to be covering, but aren’t.

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