[Narrative Dissonance] Redefining Recession & One CBDC to Rule Them All | With Adam Coleman & Juliet

July 25, 2022

Carter is joined by Juliet Dillon and Adam Coleman. Adam kicks-off the discussion by noting Biden’s recent statement that he intends to keep the U.S. involved in Ukraine “as long as it takes,” as well as a recent admission by NPR that Ukraine might actually have a corruption problem. Could the two be related? Next, Juliet asks some basic questions about the health of the U.S. economy, questioning the narrative that everything is fine and challenging the Biden administration’s attempt to redefine “recession.” The group then moves to the issue of immigration, noting that New York (a sanctuary city) is now asking for federal help in dealing with an immigration crisis partly of its own making. After a general discussion about the shrinking Overton window framing the immigration debate, they discuss the disturbingly impactful role that rhetoric, oratory, and social manipulation play in obtaining and wielding political power in the modern era. The three end by addressing a question from chat about Central Bank Digital Currency. Spoiler: they all hate it.

Adam is the Author of “Black Victim To Black Victor,” Op-Ed Writer, Public Speaker, and the Founder of Wrong Speak Publishing.
Find him online:
Twitter: @wrong_speak
Web: wrongspeak.net

You may know Juliet from her work on Gab, where she exposes what Yuri Bezmenov called “ideological subversion” in the West. Or you may know her from her frequent appearances on the Independence Gang podcast.

Find her on Gab: @TruthSeeker8487

Links Referenced in the Show:

Black Victim to Black Victor:

NPR admits Zelenskyy might have a corruption problem:

White House redefines “recession”:

M1 (money supply):

Nouriel Roubini on the stagflationary debt crisis:

Debt to GDP ratio:

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