[Dangerous Thoughts] Klaus Schwab, Gas Prices, and Free Market Roads

July 27, 2022

Carter opens by laughing at the new propaganda section on the front page of Google News, stealthily titled, “Fact Check.” He then attempts to bring a little bit of nuance into the widespread hatred of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, reminding fellow individualists to criticize him for the right reasons rather than falling into the trap of indulging reactionary emotions. He discusses the concept of a “circular economy,” and then goes on to summarize the “10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use” by the International Energy Agency, which is an intergovernmental cabal of administrative tyrants focused on manipulating the energy markets. He ends with an answer to the question every Libertarian is constantly asked: “what about the roads?” and then criticizes libertarian responses to the question of drivers licenses, arguing that the application of a principle requires consideration of context and an understanding of the foundation of said principle. Let’s hope the Mises Caucus understands this.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Fake Trump statement on Biden’s COVID status:

Benign video with a click-bait title that Google felt the need to “fact check”:

US Cardiologist claiming that the World Council for Health calls for a global vaccine recall:

The World Council for Health does actually call for a global vaccine recall:

A random dude claims that COVID-19 and George Floyd don’t exist; Google cries about it:

Klaus Schwab might be a Romulan:

Or maybe he’s a lizard person:

Neon Nettle article about the WEF and “wasteful” private car ownership:

WEF article on the circular economy:

If we paint the map red, then climate change is scary:

One of those administrative tyrants whom you’ve never heard of:

The IEA 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use:

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