[Narrative Dissonance] Twitch Bans Some B*tch

August 15, 2022

Carter and Juliet are joined by Alex Miceli and L (SomeBitchIKnow). L begins with a revealing discussion about her most recent ban: Twitch banned her due to her off-platform activity (in other words, because they disagree with her). Alex then talks about the recent attack on Salman Rushdie before the group turns to revelations about the FBI’s disturbing level of involvement in the plot to kidnap governor Whitmer. Next up is a chat about carbon footprints and apocalyptic climate change predications. L and Alex dish out some diet and health advice, and a member of chat asks about dealing with corporate woke culture. With help from a balding male, an Irish “LGBTQ+ Inclusive” rugby team easily wins the women’s 2022 Junior J Shield Final, which sets Twitter ablaze with calls to ban more “TERFs.” Finally, the episode concludes with a rather blunt discussion of psychological dysfunction in modern women and the failure of men to notice.

Alex Miceli is the host of 451 Degrees on Unsafe Space, as well as the creator behind the Alex of All Trades YouTube channel for gamers.

You can find her gaming channel here:

And all of her 451 Degrees content here on Unsafe Space.
In addition, you can follow her on Twitter at: @AlexofAllGames

L, .a.k.a. SomeBitchIKnow. is the relentless researcher behind SomeBitchMedia and the personification of its tagline: ”Cite your sources or GTFO.” She’s helped explode mainstream narratives around the COOF, The 2020 Election, Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell, and other issues.

Find her on the web at:

And on Gab at: @SomeBitchIKnow

Links Referenced in the Show:

Unsealed Trump warrant:

A dude beats some young women at rugby:

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