[Narrative Dissonance] Taliban Education, Taiwan Independence, and Roe v. Wade

August 22, 2022

Juliet and Carter are joined by special guest John Sullivan. John begins with a preview of an exclusive interview that hasn’t been released yet in which he speaks with an Afghani official about the status of education under the Taliban. Next, they explore the history of Taiwan in the context of increased tensions between China and the West over the disputed island. When John argues that Christians should be pro-choice and that the federal government should not have overturned Roe v. Wade, Carter and Juliet push back. This leads to a long discussion about the ethical issues surrounding abortion and the role of the government. The trio wraps-up with a brief chat about the botched bombing of Aleksandr Dugin, which resulted in the tragic death of his daughter, Daria Dugina.

John Sullivan was born and raised in North Central Florida and found himself orphaned by the time he was eleven. Facing down poverty and abuse, Mr. Sullivan made a decision at a young age to turn his life over to knowledge. Now as an adult, he shares his unique perspective on poverty, race, and the political regimes of our time. He’s currently a staff writer at Wrong Speak publishing.

You may follow him on Twitter: @MRSullivan96

Links Referenced in the Show:

John’s article on Taiwan:

John’s article on Abortion:

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