[Episode 022] Deprogrammed with co-host Keri Smith

Every Tuesday at 11:00 Pacific, former SJW Keri Smith joins Unsafe Space to co-host “Deprogrammed”

We’ll explore the philosophy, strategy, and tactics that Marxist and postmodern nihilists use to program “Social Justice Warriors,” turning otherwise thoughtful, critically-minded individuals into armies of extreme leftist NPCs. Each week, we’ll talk about a different aspect of “social justice” culture, drawing both from Keri’s personal experience as well as current event.

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  1. Ms. Smith, to make an analogy, you sound like Leni Riefenshtahl in 1942 making a statement that you shouldn’t have made those films.

    What is particularly disgusting is that you think it’s ok, because (to continue the analogy) you only helped kill 2.5 million Jews, Gypsies, gays and artists before you got to the full 6 million.

    And now we have ‘the enlightened you’ having woken up from being ‘the woke you’ – speaking in the middle of the 3rd Reich – saying “oh no… well this is wrong… this is just a deception… now I know better… from when I thought I knew better…and you should too!” Go for it Keri – put on that smile and polish that halo! What a saint you are.

    To date, your success is staggering – your actions have finally brought about the destruction of the nuclear family – created a generation of women who literally whore themselves (by exposing their bodies for money) on TikTok, Instagram and OnlyFans – created a generation of misandrists (who spurgle, make false rape claims and false battery claims)- have used calls for social “equality” as a mask for empowerment and dominance – created a sociology with metastasized race baiting – pushed the crime of paternity fraud up to 30% (just ask Ancestry.com) – taught society to use the Duluth model as a weapon by claiming false victim – helped imprison innocent men by the former point – destroyed the lives of children by making them pawns of vindictive parents in front of family court – have created the concept of women rapists. We now have women in Congress who want to destroy “the Patriarchy” and a polarized society that openly talks of civil war. I wouldn’t worry about an actual civil war taking place in America. An American wouldn’t kill his neighbor. I mean it’s not as if some men have gone out in public and shot innocent civilians in mass killings in the recent past. Americans are far more educated and wise to be influenced by divisive rhetoric. We have wise, deeply educated people who don’t succumb to brain washing influences – like graduates of Duke University.

    Goebbels and Ghering would be proud of you! Tell the minorities they are under attack. Denounce the nay-sayers by calling them bigots, misogynists and homophobic. And it helps to have a scapegoat to blame it on – Jews are so passe’ – let’s go with MEN with a particular emphasis on white men.

    Enough with my cynicism – at this point I will be straight – with my outright contempt of you. You cannot legislate morality. You cannot legislate decency. You cannot legislate kindness, compassion, morality, ethics, virtue, honor, courage or bravery. This has to come from inside the individual. If you want to change the world, donate blood to the Red Cross, give you a charity, help your neighbor, support your colleagues, clean up your own house, cut your own grass, take in a stray dog, volunteer at a hospital or the VA, spend time with the elderly.

    Four hundred years ago, Descartes stated clearly that in order to be truly educated, you must weigh all propositions and mull them. If you cannot find veracity in an idea, then you must reject it. You couldn’t do that. You are the proof that education is broken. You only memorized for tests and spit out what was expected.


  2. Sad to say but morality, decency, kindness, compassion, virtue, honor, courage and bravery are ‘legislated’ regularly. See note.
    I think what you meant was morality, decency, kindness, virtue, honor, courage and bravery cannot be created nor compelled by legislation.

    Note: e.g. Murder, rape, prostitution, gambling, et al.

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