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Our world is becoming a field full of mines
By the sheeple who think that we owe them our minds
By the wokest believing they're leading the blind
The Black and The White and the other divides
The media outlets' State-sanctioned lies
The political class' unpunishable crimes 

Where violent riots erupt in the streets
For the photo-op death cops and deep-state employees
Propaganda we trade in exchange for the news
The friendships we shed for our differing views

Step Left and you're scared of the Rich and the Racists
Step Right and you're facing a mob without faces
Step backwards they'll force you to stay down and then
Step up and you'll never be heard from again

It's that feeling you get when you've grown up alone
In a house full of relatives you've never known

At the end of a gun
At the tip of a knee
At the hands of ANTIFA
At the cost of The FREE
In the halls of the White House
In a virus we fear. 
We don't know how to fix it
But this much is clear:

Our world is becoming a field full of mines
That we're planting ourselves in the cage of our minds

Minefield 2022: The video

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  1. The poem, the visuals, the pace and music – it all resonated so much with how I’m feeling in the world that has truly become scarily divided and feels like its starting to implode at an ever increasing rate.
    Watching this made me realise I’m not the only one experiencing it. Thank you. I will share with people I think may understand it.

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