LA’s Racism Problem | With Leonydus Johnson

October 17, 2022

Carter and Juliet speak with Leonydus Johnson about Los Angeles City Council president Nury Martinez, the left’s outrage over her remarks, and the hidden racism woven throughout the progressive movement, including the inevitable friction that arises when groups compete in perceived zero-sum endeavors. Next, they review a Daily Caller article that exposes how the University of Florida’s Health Gender Program persuades children to circumvent the will of their parents to obtain irreversible surgery and hormone treatment. They may or may not also discuss Leonydus’ role as “Donkey” in a Shrek musical at some point during the episode.

Leonydus Johnson is a political/cultural commentator and host of the podcast, “Informed Dissent.” He is also a speech-language pathologist as well as a theatre and film actor, writer, director, and composer. He is known for his common sense approach to a variety of hot button topics including race, gender, economics, politics, and the general role of government in our society, encouraging others to embrace the importance of individual liberty, to do their own research and challenge the narrative.

Find the Informed Dissent podcast on any podcast platform, and follow Leonydus on Twitter at @leonydusjohnson (leave/me/alone)

Links to his website and upcoming book can be found at the URL below.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Leonydus’ Website

Raising Victims by Leonydus Johnson

Charles Blow’s article in the New York Times

Daily Caller article on Florida’s “gender affirming” youth care

University of Florida’s Transgender Health Resources

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