Cemetery of Censorship

October 31, 2022

Juliet and Carter discuss the recent narrative shifts around COVID, including gain-of-function revelations, requests for “pandemic amnesty,” and the recognition that suppressed immune systems are a legitimate downside of isolation. Next, they explore Elon’s Twitter takeover and the transparent attempt to discredit him, as well as Curtis Yarvin’s suggestion that Twitter embrace its role as the arbiter of “truth.” They expose the Cathedral’s dishonest, premature, and vociferous enforcement of one particular narrative explaining the attack on Paul Pelosi, before turning to a chilling Intercept article that exposes the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) rush to control the “cognitive infrastructure” of America (i.e. your mind). Juliet ends with a warning that the battle over Ukraine’s grain exports could mean a bleak winter for many countries that rely on Europe’s bread basket for sustenance.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Boston University Gain-Of-Function Research on COVID

UK Gain-Of-Function Research on COVID

NIAID Gain-Of-Function Research on Monkeypox

Atlantic: Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty

NY Supreme Court Reinstates Unvaccinated Employees With Back Pay

Italy Ends Ban On Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

N-Word On Twitter Increases By 500 percent Because Of Inauthentic Accounts

Russia Pulls Out Of Black Sea Grain Deal After Attack

Russia Black Sea Grain Powder Keg

Twitter Should Be In The Truth Business (Gray Mirror)

Truth Cops (The Intercept)

Facebook Government Censorship “Suggestion” Portal

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