Twitter’s Red Wedding | With YourFriendPawl

November 4, 2022

Beverly, Juliet, and unexpectedly Alex (during her streaming hiatus) are joined by YourFriendPawl in this episode of Occasional Levity. They discuss Twitter employees getting fired, Jordan Peterson’s bad take on anonymity online, Beverly’s questionable ethnicity, AOC eating chicken during a video about something stupid, “New Amsterdam” TV series going woke about Roe v. Wade, and more!

About Occasional Levity

Occasional Levity is a weekly wrap-up of the news, complete with Biden’s biggest bumbles and some of the worst takes on social media. Hosts Alex, Beverly and Juliet are typically joined by a guest to kick back, relax, and share a few laughs. Come wash your black pill down with a cold one. It is Friday, after all.

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