Senatorial Candidate Dennis Misigoy

October 26, 2022

Keith discusses libertarian principles, current events, federal policy, and fixing government with special guest Dennis Misigoy. Dennis is running for the U.S. Senate in Florida on the Libertarian Party ticket. He is a proponent of peace, sound money, limited government, individual rights, the Constitution, and taking a stand from a firm position of sound principles. Dennis has solid arguments on why voting for a Libertarian candidate is NOT a wasted vote – and why it is voting red or blue that is often the wasted one.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Dennis Misigoy for US Senate

Misigoy speech at LP National Convention intro

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Hosted by Keith Bessette, Rebel Civics covers the principles of society and government, the ideas upon which America was founded, the history of the development of these principles, and current events in relation to them. Rebel (n): A person who is disobedient to unjust authority and stands up for fundamental principles, despite conventions and the opinions of others.

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