Frightful Halloween Civics

November 2, 2022

Do you know the civics of Halloween? In this live episode with guest host Pirate Kith we cover the history, origination in the Pagan and Christian religions, government’s tactical manipulation, and the cultural changes over centuries of the holiday we now call Halloween. The fall harvest’s answer to the question of life vs death, ancestors, souls in purgatory, the dead, spirits moving back and forth between here and the other world, ghosts, and bribes of food offered to masked visitors for purgatory prayers or as a bribe against wanton vandalism have all been part of this holiday. The government has had its fingers in this from shortly after Christ to the Halloween parades in the U.S. attempting to shift away from the traditional property destruction. There is a lot more to this than just kids collecting candy corn!

About Rebel Civics

Hosted by Keith Bessette, Rebel Civics covers the principles of society and government, the ideas upon which America was founded, the history of the development of these principles, and current events in relation to them. Rebel (n): A person who is disobedient to unjust authority and stands up for fundamental principles, despite conventions and the opinions of others.

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