Secession Roundtable

December 14, 2022

Keith is joined by special guests Marcus Ruiz Evans, President of Calexit LLC, Steven Axelman, founder of Americans for Peaceful Separation, and Alu Axelman, President of Foundation for New Hampshire Independence. We discuss why a state leaving the union is constitutional, why self governance is a right of the people, and the secession movements of New Hampshire, California, and Florida.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Americans for Peaceful Separation

Book “California’s Next Century”

Calexit LLC website

Top 10 things CA must do to become a nation

Map, “27 States are conservative and can vote [CA] out”

Article “Rebuttal to Anti-Independence Letter by State Rep.”

Article “How Would a Convention of States Play Out”

Article “Stop Saying the Pledge of Allegiance if you believe in Freedom”

About Rebel Civics

Hosted by Keith Bessette, Rebel Civics covers the principles of society and government, the ideas upon which America was founded, the history of the development of these principles, and current events in relation to them. Rebel (n): A person who is disobedient to unjust authority and stands up for fundamental principles, despite conventions and the opinions of others.

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