Cooking With Gas

January 18, 2023

Keith and guest Benjamin Shaffer discusses the ludicrously unconstitutional consideration by the Biden administration to implement a US wide ban on gas stoves, along with other actions proving those in power in the federal government have zero interest or concern with the limits imposed on them by the Constitution. We go though the list of federal agencies discussing which are Constitutional, which are not, and why.

Thomas Jefferson would be appalled at how far our general government has gone beyond the Founder’s intent, words, and the ratified contract between the states that created Washington DC.

Benjamin is an attorney deeply interested in the Constitution from the Founder’s view, and counsel with the alternate currency company Goldback.

Links Referenced in the Show:

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CNN – Trump Administration Bump Stock Ban

Bump Stock Ban – BATF regulation

SCOTUS upholds bump stock ban

FBI Director at WEF

List of Federal Agencies

Federal Employee Numbers

NYT Article – Most government is unconstitutional

Business signup with Goldback alternate currency

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