Peaceful Secession Worldwide with J.G. Franklin

January 25, 2023

Keith discusses secession movements past and present outside the U.S. with guest J.G. Franklin, an actor, english conversation teacher, and Washingtonian living in Brazil. The trend of the last century is away from empires toward decentralization, with the number of countries tripling in the last century. We start with Brazil – J.G. gives a brief history of the formation of Brazil by mostly peaceful separation, and the possibility of three southern Brazil states going independent today. We briefly cover some of the numerous peaceful national divorces in the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, and Africa, from Brexit to Namibia to Czech Republic to Crimea. To close we talk about the key to all of this – the principle of self-governance beautifully outlined in the US Declaration of Independence.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Number of countries today

Number of countries in 1900

Map of Germany 1648

Tom Woods “Secession: The reasonable option”, Mises Institute talk 1/24/2015

Brazil Independence

Brazil proposed new Constitution

Secession movement in Brazil

Scotland approves referendum for independence vote

Velvet Revolution, Czechoslovakia secession

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Hosted by Keith Bessette, Rebel Civics covers the principles of society and government, the ideas upon which America was founded, the history of the development of these principles, and current events in relation to them. Rebel (n): A person who is disobedient to unjust authority and stands up for fundamental principles, despite conventions and the opinions of others.

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