Javier Milei, Libertarian President with Skot Sheller


November 29, 2023

Javier Milei won the November 2023 election in Argentina and will become the world’s first Libertarian Party president on December 10. An Austrian School economist, university professor, Chief Economist of several private companies, economics book author, and singer in a Rolling Stones cover band now turned politician, Milei describes himself as an anarco-capitalist. Milei criticizes socialism and advocates restructuring of government. He supports laissez-faire capitalism. With inflation running about 140% in Argentina, Milei plans to close the central bank and establish competition of currencies, expected to result in dollarizing the majority of the Argentinean economy. He opposes current taxation policies. Javier is a Shit-Stirrer Extraordinaire, appearing with a chain saw upon election victory symbolizing cutting out socialism at its core. His nickname is “El Loco” and it fits well.

Skot Sheller joins Rebel Civics to provide the story of the Milei phenomenal rise in politics from an unknown college economics professor to President. Skot reviews the government structure and history of Argentinian politics, with a summary of the economic disaster that led to the current environment. Skot is a New Hampshire Free State Project advocate with extensive knowledge of Argentinean politics, economy, and culture. Skot’s wife is Argentinian and his father-in-law is a PhD Austrian economist, academic, and author in Argentina. He has been following the rise of Javier Milei since 2018 and brings us the inside scoop on the shakeup Milei’s libertarian/an-cap positions and flamboyant style are causing. We discuss Milei’s meteoric rise from an unknown academic, economist, professor, and author to President-elect in only 2 years.

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