Israel v. Gaza with Dennis Pratt


November 8, 2023

Libertarian Dennis Pratt joins Keith for a discussion on the Israeli Government v. Hamas, Palestinians vs Zionists, and Washington DC’s interventions in the Middle East. Is the IDF bombing campaign a war or a canned hunt? Is it genocide or justified necessity? Can the Palestine problem be solved at all and if so how? What should the US government be doing? The libertarian perspective based on fundamental principles is sorely needed here. Dennis brings his strong intellectual philosophy of individual rights to the table, a viewpoint we do NOT see from any side of legacy media or the American government.

Dennis Pratt
Dennis is a libertarian who came from the left. As the #1 writer on the intellectual site Quora on “Libertarianism” for four years, he wrote 1800 essays before getting de-platformed. He moved to New Hampshire four years ago as part of the Free State Project, escaping the Authoritarian 49. Dennis organized the yearly PorcFest Porcupine Freedom Festival for three years, the largest continuing freedom gathering in the world and a week-long immersion into a liberty village. Dennis was a NH Delegate to the Libertarian Party National Convention in Reno for the last election. An undergrad psychology and grad computer science from Northwestern and grad business from MIT, he is a serial telecom and social entrepreneur.

Links Referenced in the Show:

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George Carlin on War [1:44 – 5:01]

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